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DykeEDGE Online Ordering

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Welcome to DykeEDGE. A new online tool offered to all Dyke dealers. DykeEDGE is comprehensive way to build door units, submit orders online, and track order status all through your new online dealer account. Also, within your account enjoy millwork and marketing tools designed to help you grow your business.

You can access your DykeEDGE account through your local Dyke servicing branch’s website. After clicking the DykeEDGE logo in the upper right you will be presented with the dealer log in.

After you log in you will be at your account dashboard. The dashboard tabs are the options within the account. RFQs will list customer quote request/sales leads sent from the front-end of your Dyke branch website. New Quote is where you can configure online multi-line door orders for customers. Saved Quotes are quotes that are being built but have not been submitted to Dyke. Open Orders are current door orders with statuses of process. Order History is an accounting of all order placed via your account. Resources will contain the latest Dyke marketing and online millwork resources to download. Profile is where you can update your dealer information and create and manage sales person accounts for your team.


Dealers logging in for the first time will be required to update their password and add contact information upon initial log in.

If you are not a Dyke dealer and would like to become one please click here.